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BIC + Wall Street Oasis

In Brandeis Investment Club's partnership with Wall Street Oasis, we are proud to provide a set of extensive free resources from Wall Street Oasis. These can help you find your career path and build the skills needed to succeed in a career in finance.


Excel Shortcuts for PC & Mac

Excel Self Study

Best Excel Courses

Excel Modeling Best Practices

Index Match Formula

Vlookup Guide

HLOOKUP Function

Advanced Excel Formulas

Excel Shortcuts for PC & Mac

Type of Financial Models

Financial Modeling Best Practices

What is Financial Modeling?

What Makes a Good Financial Model?

Sensitivity Analysis

Scenario Analysis

3 Statement Model

Debt Schedule

Accretion Dilution Model

Levered Free Cash Flow

Unlevered Free Cash Flow

Advanced Financial Modeling

DCF Model Training - Free Guide

DCF Terminal Value Formula

Stress Test - Financial Modeling

Valuation Modeling in Excel

How to Calculate CapEx?

Leveraged Buyout (LBO) Model

Word Documents and Resume

Templates (.docx)

Presentation and PowerPoint

Templates (.pptx)

Stock Pitch Template

Private Equity Resume Template

Investment Banking Resume Template

Private Equity Interview Questions

Hedge Funds Interview Questions

Accounting Interview Questions

Financial Modeling Salary Guide

Investment Banker Salary

Private Equity Salary Guide

Hedge Fund Salary Guide

CFA® Salary Guide

Venture Capital Salary Guide

Job Descriptions

Investment Banking Job Description

Private Equity Job Description

Venture Capital Job Description

Hedge Fund Manager

Equity Research Associate Job Description

Financial Analyst Job Description


Chartered Financial Analyst - CFA


Financial Risk Manager - FRM

Chartered Business Valuator - CBV


Resumes and Cover Letters

Retained Earnings

Fraud Triangle

Cost of Goods Manufactured (COGM)

Marginal Cost

Profit and Loss (P&L) Statement


Zero Sum Game

Nash Equilibrium


Net Working Capital

Infinite Banking

Margin of Safety

Standard Error

Empirical Rule

Positively Skewed Distribution

Negatively Skewed Distribution

Risk Transfer

Capitalization Rate

Profit and Loss (P&L)

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